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Jack Heard - Lead Consultant & CEO

Jack has more than 20 years experience in web site development, strategy and project management. With an array of skills including strategy, development, deployment, and maintenance, Jack has a proven record in all stages of a project cycle.

In the mid to late 90s, Jack owned and operated his own development firm specializing in small to medium sized local businesses that wanted to have a presence on the web. After personally developing more than fifty web sites, he decided it was time to move to the next level.

In 1999, Jack closed the doors to his personal business and became a senior project manager and strategist for San Francisco-based BayWeb, Inc. BayWeb specialized in large e-commerce application development and offered their clients a variety of technologies from Lotus Notes to Microsoft's ASP (Active Server Pages).

Upon leaving BayWeb, he began working with a company called Merlin Media as a Senior Project Manager and web developer. The chemistry between Jack and Merlin Media worked out well as Merlin was looking for a "Jack of all trades". Jack's responsibilities included managing all aspects of a project including the definition, development, and deployment of client projects as well as controlling the resources and managing the budgets associated with those projects.

In November 2000, Jack decided to try working for himself again and re-opened his consulting business. Gathering several major clients quickly, he has maintained several long-term clients in both web and CD-ROM development ever since. The technologies used on most of his past projects ranged from full graphic design packages (Adobe Illustrator/Photoshop) to complete shopping cart solutions using PHP programming and MySQL database solutions.

In November 2001, Jack opened the doors of a new company called PharSide Solutions. The creation of new business relationships as well as the conservation of established ones has allowed PharSide to grow quickly and achieve the status of a California Corporation as of January 15, 2003.

In June of 2015, after running PharSide Solutions continuously for almost 15 years, Jack opened Tech628 in Hayfork California. The idea was simple; bring technology and modern web savviness to Hayfork and all of Trinity County. Tech628 has now built over 30 major websites under the design lead of Jack and he has continued to add to his long web design & development career.

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