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titanium-batteriesTech628 is a spinoff of PharSide Solutions and we began as a branding and traditional graphic design agency in 2001. Even though we’ve expanded our offerings to include so much more than just branding and print design, we have to admit that graphic design is our guilty pleasure. There’s nothing more satisfying than solving a complex problem with good old fashioned design and creative problem solving skills.

Brand Guidelines - style guide, brand guidelines, brand manual, etc.
Collateral Design - datasheets, white papers, case studies, etc.
Brochure Design -3-panel, 4-panel, small format, 9×12 w/ inside back pocket, etc.
Print Advertising Design - Custom ads created for those grayscale and color spots.
Catalog Design - offset printed, digitally printed, online, interactive, DVD, etc.
Corporate Annual Report Design - offset printed, digitally printed, online, interactive, etc.

youve-got-mail-flyerIs print still effective marketing?
With every new technology or marketing tactic that comes to market, it is quite common to hear that the "older" technology or tactic is now "dead". But, that isn’t really the case. Rather, it’s a case of "shiny object" syndrome. Imagine if all of your competitors were handing out brochures and, all of a sudden, they went to downloadable or emailed PDF versions. Now, if you’re a premium brand and walk-in with a nicely printed brochure, that print design piece has become your differentiator. It has translated into that subconscious evaluation of your brand being higher or better than your competition simply due to the investment of that well-designed piece. This in turn enables you to justify your higher price point, positions you as a quality-driven not commodity-based offering, and allows you to create more space between your brand and your competition in your customer’s mind.

With our effective collateral design methodologies and our years of experience, we can drive your business and/or products to success. Our extensive knowledge of brand design and search engine optimization work hand and hand with collateral design and act as delivery mechanisms to your potential client base. 

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