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Hanover for Sheriff (2018)


Case Study: Hanover for Sheriff (2018)
Project Type: Web Design & Development

Organization Profile:
Ron Hanover has has served the community in Trinity County for over 20 years. Now he looks to make a difference in the county as sheriff. He is well qualified, knowledgeable about the county and it's residents and of coarse the law. He is extremely active in all communities throughout Trinity County and has always included everyone.     

Project Overview:
This was a fun one as Ron is a friend and a huge part of the community and we knew we wanted to help him. It is a temporary website as it is useless post election but we still wanted to make something that was clean and simple to use.

Technologies Used:

  • Designed Website Look & Feel (UI)
  • CMS Made Simple Content Management System
  • MySQL Database
  • Javascript

Project Features:
Pretty simple stuff on this one. CMS Made Simple allows secure administrative panel access to add, edit and delete content.  

Project Solution:
Began the project by installing CMSMS. The built the design based of collateral that already existed. We built the design to be extremely easy but also flexible at the same time. 

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